Andrei Istratescu

Andrei Istratescu

Andrei IstratescuAndrei Istratescu was born on 3rd of December, 1975 in Romania. He is often considered for his special techniques used for playing this game. His moves are intellectually developed and used to tackle with those moves for which one has to be properly trained. He is therefore a famous personality in Romania and across the globe. He has always amazed the critics through his strategic moves which are very difficult for the opponent to work against. He is very intelligent and has a necessary confidence for moving his dots. He molds the opponent to fall prey in his strategy which makes him win the game.

Being brought up in Romania, he is often known for his great hospitality nature as per his fans. He treats them with great positivity. He got the title of grandmaster in 1993 for his work and game techniques. His playing moves are famous across the globe. As years have passed by, his improvement has amazed the critics as well as the audience and has grabbed the eyeballs of people. His work has been appreciated by a lot of people who are very proud of having him in their city and country.

He is currently representing France which has also offered him the title of Grandmaster. He started his career in 1992 and is still actively participating in all sorts of tournaments related to chess. For his team, he has participated in six championships from 1992 to 1998. Interesting games have also been played by Andrei Istratescu from 2002 and 2006. He holds a world record for about 17 wins and 11 losses along with 33 draws. It’s a record which earned him national recognition as well as worldwide popularity. This helped him in getting momentum in his game thus improving his game.

Throughout his career, he has achieved great milestones. He has participated three times in the European Team Chess Championship in 1992, 1999 as well as in 2005. Furthermore, he holds a record of 3 wins and 2 losses along with 14 consecutive draws. In 2004, he ended on the second position rear to that of Anatoly Karpov in the tournament of knockout. Afterwards, a match was again set up though, but he also continued his great gaming by winning 4 times in 4 fast games. The final mark recorded 6-2 which was in the favor of Anatoly Karpov.

In the FIDE list, the score of Andrei Istratescu is recorded as 2648. Thus, it makes him one of the most famous chess players in the world. He has qualified for the FIDE list in a respectable score rank and marking his existence amongst the players. His achievements are remarkable and the victories he has achieved are respectable. In 1991, he won the U16 European Chess Championship, 1992 marked his winning of the Romanian chess championship, 2001 is considered for his victory in Bucharest Spring, 2001 again known for his victory in First Rohde Open, 2003 marked his victory in 3rd Rohde Open and other subsequent years are also remarked for his victories.