Richárd Rapport

Richárd Rapport

Richárd RapportRichard Rapport was born on 25 March 1996 in Szombathely, Hungary. His parents were two economists: Tamas Rapport and Erzsebet Morocz. He is a popular name among Hungarian chess players as he became the fifth youngest grandmaster in the history of chess in 2010.  Back in 2008, Richard Rapport gained the National Master Chess title as well, title which led him to the great achievement in 2010.

Richard Rapport has had kind of a humorous type of entrance in the world of chess players. He got the chance of becoming acquainted with chess due to what his teachers claimed to suffer from poor concentration during his primary school years. His parents were concerned about this so they decided to deal with his lack of focus at school by teaching him to play chess. He was introduced to the secrets of the chess game with the main purpose of helping him become more focused for his next school years in order to gain greater educational achievements. What followed next was something no one had expected, something that amazed everyone and which made him and his parents really pleased with their decision.



Richard Rapport is now a well-spoken & charming chess player who plays with great passion and this has been proven through the great number of awards he has managed to win since he started playing chess. After becoming the youngest grandmaster in the world, his attitude changed and there was not room left for the shy boy who began playing chess at an early age. He is now an experienced, polite and charming chess player.  He is fluent in languages such as German and English and he is proud of what he has achieved in just a few years because everything has been achieved with hard work and passion for the chess game.

He has been at the top of the tablets in all the tournaments he has participated in the last few years competing with some of the most experienced grandmasters in the world and always aiming to reach the first spot. His way of playing, his passion and brilliance cannot go unnoticed. In January 2013, Richard Rapport proved his skills once again in the B Group in Wijk aan Zee. He shared first place with Najdich, 9.0/13. This can only be considered as the first participation of Richard Rapport in a major world chess competition. He is characterized by a sharp & uncompromised style and all his competitors know that they must watch out for him wherever they compete against him in a serious chess competition because he is always there to win the game.

In March 2013, Richard Rapport reached first place again at the 17th Neckar Open in Germany with 7.0/9. He won the Qualifier at the Balagna Tournament that took place in Corsica but got eliminated in the K.O. stage by another great chess player, Bacrot. In May 2013, he also particpated in another famous competition, the 21st Sigeman & Co. Championship played in Malmö, where he shared first place with players such as Nils Grandelius and Nigel Short, with 4.5/7.